A Few Questions About Going Into The Architecture Path


Hello, I am a student in high school studying Architectural Drafting. I was wondering if anyone would like to answer questions that I've had for a short time while taking Drafting. 

1. What skills are needed in this job field? What courses do I need to focus on in this educational pathway?

2. What is the work environment like? How much does work affect your social life? Is it a low/high stress level job?

3. Does it financially pay well? Does this job compete with other jobs within the field?

Nov 21, 19 1:07 am

I'm sure those who are further down their career paths could provide better answers but here goes:

First off, I'm going to assume you're looking at being an Architect. Maybe I'm wrong on this, but I wouldn't really consider being a drafter as an end-game career goal. In the places I've worked, a drafter is considered a support position (Though it is absolutely critical to projects!)

1. If you're asking for specific programs to learn, Revit is pretty popular in the US, and AutoCAD is slowly being phased out but is still used pretty widely.

If you're asking about skills, there are many answers to that question, and I'd say that each architect has something that they like to specialize in, or one skill they think is the most important. I'd personally say passion, and tenacity. If you don't love architecture, are only in it for the money, or give up/get dissuaded easily, this field might not be a great idea for you.

Some other things would be structures, design philosophies and theory, public speaking, Take some time outside of your courses (architecture school can be very "fluffy" at the best of times.) to work with contractors or learn how buildings actually go together. A drafter/designer who knows how to put together a building is worth way more than an acadamia nut with 6 years and a masters.

2. The work environment is very dependent on who you work with. Great coworkers can make the job environment wonderful and very fulfilling, no matter what you're working on. At the same time, you could be working on the next great flagship project at a top firm, and it could be hell.

In terms of a social life, I'd say in a good work environment there's plenty of room for strict 9-5'ers who arrive and leave on time. Working late near deadlines is almost a given in many circumstances however.

I'm personally pretty susceptible to work environment, so as to whether it's low or high stress, that depends on the people and environment I work in.

3. I think it pays relatively well. BLS states that drafters made median pay of $55,550 in 2018. This is definitely not the profession to get into if you want a low stress to money ratio.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "Does this job compete with other jobs within the field"

Hopefully I gave you a bit of perspective on the field, feel free to ask more questions if you have them!

Nov 21, 19 10:40 pm

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