Any Construction Manager Out Here? Guidance Needed!


Hi, hope you're doing good!

I am an architect from India. Currently working with US based outsourcing firm since 2+ years. As an architectural designer my role is to prepare permit set documents (SD, DD, CD & marketing drawings). I've got enough knowledge in preparing documents and i am lacking the field experience. I think my management and control skills are higher than designing and i feel i can do great with that in architecture field. 

I am planning to study further and pursue Masters in Construction Management from ASU. I'd like to know from you the following:

1. What is your role as a CM? 

2. What does a CM do in the office and on the site?

3. What are the challenges you face? and what do you like about this field?

4. You think my 2 years experience in architecture will help me understand CM better? Please share your thoughts.

Good day!

Nov 20, 19 8:45 am

CM really depends from state to state... it can be the most stressful job in the world, but whenever you enjoy working in construction, it can make you happy.

Construction management is also about safety training (OSHA), as well as knowing your responsibility well.

Nov 20, 19 8:46 pm

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