Study MArch part time while working a 4 day week in UK


I wondered if anyone had any experience doing a Master Architecture part time (over 4 years) whilst working full time with a day release for studying. 

I'm considering applying but I want to get a better understanding of how it would work this way and is it possible to manage?

Any tips are appreciated!

Nov 6, 19 10:55 am
Non Sequitur

Most M.arch degrees require 40 to 80hr per week.  

Nov 6, 19 11:06 am

oh i actually thought this was a joke about another thread!

i can't imagine how this works unless the school has a program organized around this kind of scheduling. have you asked the school if it's possible?

Nov 6, 19 11:34 am

I dont know why anyone would want to do this. My March sucks. I'm just trying to get my professional degree so I can pull full time at my office and live a somewhat relatively normal life again. One day a week is certainly not enough to complete all the bullshit extras that they require of you. I guess maybe if a school can work around that with the professors etc. but really just knock it out and then move on. Its not worth the extra stress of dragging it out.

Nov 6, 19 12:36 pm

I thought it might be to much to juggle but just wondered if anyone had any experience of doing the course part time whilst working. 

The reason I was considering is that my work would pay most of my fees whilst providing a steady income for living etc.

Nov 7, 19 4:25 am
Non Sequitur

Yes, that’s a perfect scenario, but it is unlikely to be realistic... probably impossible.


It's not an impossible scenario. I know people who are currently doing this.


Thanks both for your input.
@jwsd How do the people you know cope? For example, typically how many hours do they work for their
job and how many hours for their masters?


Are you talking about Apprenticeship? Much better deal than PT - no fees in Apprenticeship. 

Generally, having taught PT programs with students in work students just do it with little back and forth with their designs.  Since MArch in UK are undergraduate degrees that's fine if you just wish to get a Part II.  

If you are looking long term, I would go to the best school you can go to  (Bartlett or a number of Russel group) and put in the time for a FT program.  You are investing in your future and the time away from practice allows you to define who you are.  

Nov 8, 19 3:47 am

Thanks @TED. I was talking about the masters to gain my Part 2. I have considered the apprentice scheme but as it will be the first year that it runs next year, I'm still waiting to find out whether they will approve my company as it is a general building/project management practice governed by the RICS not the RIBA/ARB.


Apprentices are running this year - check South Bank, Northumbria, Brookes. I don't think they will take a non-RIBA practice.

For other PT Parts 2's, check to make certain they only meet one day per week as some may meet more because you take the ft modules. You can also consider RIBA Studio via Brookes. 

Nov 8, 19 4:22 pm

Thanks for the tips on what to check for. I have a few open days booked in for a few schools in the north west so I’ll be sure to check all the scheduling


MSA is starting an apprentice program. Would stay away from Preston - Good Luck.

RIBA studio can be done anywhere in the country - you attend a few days a year such as presentations etc. Very Flexible so check it out.


I’ve been in touch with MSA and still waiting to get more info about the scheme. They’re starting Sept 2020.


I hadn’t heard about the RIBA Studio scheme but will look into that, thanks for the tip


Thanks for the tips and mywegmansconnect , its really helpful for me and my project.

Nov 9, 19 3:01 am

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