I was wondering if an architect registered in the UK by an accredited body (RIBA) can work in the USA? or does s/he need to take any further courses accredited only in the USA?

Thank you very much 

Oct 22, 19 12:21 pm
atelier nobody

As long as you are working under a US licensed architect, it is not required that you be licensed. If you want to practice independently, then it would be necessary to get licensed in whichever state(s) you work in.

There is a process (which may be slightly different in each state) for having your foreign education and experience evaluated, but I believe at a minimum you would still need to pass the 6-part Architect Registration Examination (ARE) to obtain a US license.

Most state architecture boards have web sites with a page specifically addressing foreign architects, and the NCARB web site can also be helpful.

Oct 22, 19 12:51 pm

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