Lina Bo Bardi, MASP, Sao Paulo - similar constructions


Hello guys,

I am looking for buildings with similar construction principals as used in MASP by Lina Bo Bardi. By that I mean buildings suspended on concrete/steel external frames.
I'm not talking about suspended roofs etc or buildings with suspended construction from the core (like the Qube form Vancouver) but rather something like Media-TIC by Enric Ruiz Geli or MAM in Rio de Janeiro.

I would be grateful for any references. Trying to dig a bit into this type of structure.

Oct 19, 19 2:10 pm

Maybe the Broadgate Exchange by SOM

Oct 19, 19 3:31 pm

Yup, that fits, thank you very much!


Geisel Library Pereira, William.

this is my sole interest in arch

Oct 19, 19 6:43 pm

cliff house Robert Bridges

Oct 19, 19 6:45 pm

Look at Paulo Mendes da Rocha's work. Specifically, the Brazilian Sculpture Museum, also in Sao Paulo.

Oct 21, 19 9:46 am

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