Portfolio review


Hi Guys,

I would like to ask for constructive criticism of my portfolio. Please let me know your opinion what I could improve.

Thank you !

Oct 13, 19 11:22 pm

academic or employment purposes ...tell us more

Oct 14, 19 1:35 am  · 

Employment purposes. I am looking for job opportunity in Dubai.

Oct 14, 19 2:15 am  · 

I would change your cover, make it cleaner and more professional. Which company were you working for when you completed these projects? Also - there's not a single sketch or detail in there and very few interior renders. Can you add some sketches and more interior work?

Oct 14, 19 2:22 pm  · 

Make your portfolio descriptive about your project. Well in which profile you are looking for the job?

Oct 18, 19 1:29 am  · 
Matiur Jony

If you want 3d visualization  job then your portfolio is good enough 

Oct 21, 19 2:46 pm  · 

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