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Hello Archinect community,

I am looking for a good recruiter working in the NYC area to help me with my job search. I am already using my professional network to inquire and apply so this would be in addition. I haven't used recruiters before so if you or your firm is using one and you are happy with him/her please let me know. Thank you for the help in advance.

Oct 9, 19 5:13 pm
( o Y o )

Here you go. See if you measure up.

Oct 9, 19 5:46 pm

Anybody help?

Oct 10, 19 8:12 am

Bespoke, BCCM.

Oct 10, 19 12:34 pm

If you're having trouble finding work on your own, something is either wrong with your experience, references, or work/portfolio. There is no reason for why in such an economy, you shouldn't be able to get work. Recruiters are bottom feeders and useless paperpushers collecting on their middle-man role. Not only are they expensive, often, they know nothing about how to assess portfolios. 

Oct 10, 19 1:20 pm

Thank you, 3tk!

Would you recommend specific people from Bespoke or BCCM?


I don't know if I am going to have difficulty finding work, I have just started my search. Maybe you are right and I will end up with a new job pretty soon. The thing is, I am more than 8 years out of school and most job adds are for Intermediate level not Senior level. I think we all know why that might be. Anyway, as a Senior Architect, I figured two options to find a new position: through my network and maybe recruiter. So, I guess I am exploring. Did you have bad experience with recruiters or this is your general opinion?

Oct 10, 19 7:07 pm
Non Sequitur

are you really senior tho?


In many firms "senior level" typically means someone with 15 or 20 or more years of experience. You should apply to  "intermediate" positions too, and find out during interviews what they're really looking for,  evaluate then if it's something you're interested in at all, and negotiate from there.


Non Sequitur and kjdt, I hear you guys. Definition of Senior is not very clear-in job adds I've seen anything form 8+ to 12+. I am 14 years out of school, licensed and all. When I was applying for my current position 5 years ago, I applied for Intermediate level. The director interviewing me back then told me I was a Senior Architect. I am presently leading a team of 12+ architects and between 2 and 4 projects at any given time - all phases, interfacing with the client  and reporting directly to the principals at a reputable midsize design firm. I would love to apply for Intermediate but I am not sure I fit in that category - from point of view of experience but also salary expectations. I'm afraid my resume will go directly to the garbage bin.  "too expensive" and "overqualified" come to mind but mostly "too expensive". I personally, would be suspicious if I receive a resume like mine for an Intermediate position. Am I wrong to worry about this? Appreciate your advice guys.

Oct 11, 19 9:36 am

I think you're overthinking it. It reminds me of the person who posted recently about whether they were too qualified for "intern" or not qualified enough for "junior", or something like that. Different firms and even different staff members reviewing your resume may have entirely different ideas of what constitutes "senior" vs. "intermediate". You should not rule out any job based on its title or stated experience level. If the responsibilities seem like what you're looking for, and/or if the firm seems interesting to you, just apply. If you get an interview then hash it all out with them as the process progresses. Often people interview and turn out not to be exactly what the firm was envisioning in terms of experience or niche skills, but they change their ideas of about the role, or they create a different spot for that person, or they remember them when the perfect spot for them opens up a few months later. If you rule out jobs because of somewhat arbitrary designations like "intermediate" you're potentially missing out on good jobs.


Bloopox, I might be overthinking it. I actually don't care about titles, I was just thinking that it looks weird to apply for jobs that are asking for 3 to 7 years of experience when I have 14 and I won't be considered. But maybe I am wrong and I just need to apply to the offices I am interested in and go from there. I have never done hiring for the offices I was working with so this is very helpful. Thanks a lot.

Oct 12, 19 1:56 pm

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