Holiday in Bavaria

Michael Meyer

I am going to Germany (to Bavaria) for a private holiday in a few weeks. During my preparations (what do I want to see, how far do I have to travel for it, …) I came across this interesting building, which was even awarded an architect's prize - probably because of the 3D tiles used for the facade. Wanted to share the pictures with you. I kind of like the idea and think it’s creative and beautifully implemented. What do you think?

Oct 9, 19 10:22 am

I think I'd prefer the interior, based on the volumes and windows.

Oct 9, 19 11:45 am
Michael Meyer

Unfortunately I did not find any pictures about the interior. But when I'm there, I'll take some and share!

Oct 16, 19 2:21 am

This building definitely deserve architect's prize. It looks quite unique from the outside.

Oct 18, 19 1:24 am

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