Portfolio Review for Architectural Assistant Job Application


Hi All,

I'm in process of preparing my portfolio for job applications and would like some general feedback on my portfolio, on areas where i could improve and if im missing any drawings or images that would improve the portfolio. 

Portfolio on issuu:

Oct 8, 19 11:17 am
Non Sequitur

Where are the technical and dirty design progress drawings?

Oct 8, 19 11:34 am

There some example of technical drawings towards the end of the document, however, I agree with your point.

Non Sequitur

You need more. Lots more. This is the only way to show off how you think.


Okay, I do have more technical and design process drawings for the Hamburg project and the Urban Adventure. Do you think the portfolio is the reasonable length that possibly reducing one of the academic projects and adding the process of work and technical details on another would be more beneficial to showcase the overall depth of skill?

Non Sequitur

This is for employers to decide if you have enough billable skills. Anyone can make pretty renderings but few can do good construction details and concept sketches. Reduce the text and maximize drawings/images that show what you could offer a potential employer. Postage size images and walls of text do not achieve this.


You need to include examples of some ability to think at a smaller-scale tectonic level.  Where are your examples of details, wall assemblies, interior elevations, or anything else that would provide a way to evaluate your usefulness on projects intended for construction?

Regarding your text: Your second sentence is not a sentence, your questions aren't actually questions, and there are numerous other grammatical and structural issues throughout. It would be better to have no text at all than to provide text that suggests that you have language deficiencies that would limit your usefulness.  If I were you I'd limit it to just a title for each project.

Oct 8, 19 11:35 am

Thank you for the review, it is refreshing to get feedback, I'll definitely take on board the comments and show the technical aspects of the projects.


Your work looks interesting but I'd like to see the images and diagrams with a better DPI.  Most of them I couldn't read or fully make out the images.  Example is page 1 - I can tell it says 'lexicon of pleasure' but can't tell what any of the other text says.

Oct 8, 19 12:41 pm

Okay sure, I will upload a higher resolution (300 DPI) portfolio. However, I think the quality/noise is partly down to Issuu publications aswell. Any suggestion on diagrams would be fully appreciative.


Higher resolution portfolio below at 300 DPI

Oct 8, 19 3:26 pm

Layout is very nice. I think the images work well also. When you say "architectural assistant" are you meaning an entry-level position?

The other comments are spot on, including your process through some sketches and how you worked out some of the finer details of the work shown (if you were a part of that) would greatly strengthen the package.

Oct 8, 19 3:35 pm

Thank you for the comment. In the UK, I believe Part Two Architectural Assistant is equalivant to entry-level after completion of a 2-year masters degree.

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