Best way to sell architecture books?


I have probably 200 architecture books I'd like to sell.  I live in LA.  Combo of all kind of stuff but mainly monographs (A+V, El Croquis, and some others).  Ideas on how to sell these?  I've done the Amazon used book thing but it's a pain to wrap and mail each book at a time.  

Oct 6, 19 4:50 pm

do you have a list of the books?

I might be interested in buying some

Oct 6, 19 11:00 pm
atelier nobody

I believe Hennessey & Ingalls buys used books.

Oct 7, 19 4:35 pm

I'm interested... also in Southern California.

Oct 7, 19 7:06 pm

Yeh when I have some time let me compile the list.  

Thanks for the tip atelier, I'll check out H + I

Oct 13, 19 12:53 pm

Find your local architecture school's Facebook group and post an ad there. That's how I sell all my books. 

Oct 13, 19 2:03 pm

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Jan 24, 20 2:33 am

I’d be interested in buying some depending on what books they are. Why not advertise on this thread? Oh wait... I see why.

Jan 31, 20 12:58 am

But actually I am very interested

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