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I just graduated from high school and I decided to go to architecture school but I asked some people and they told it’s not worth it and I won’t have a job so I change that to medical school so what do u  guys think should I go back to architecture school 

Sep 23, 19 8:36 am
( o Y o )

here’s an idea: go to some internet forum and ask anonymous people for life advice

Sep 23, 19 8:48 am
Non Sequitur

True story:  I was approached by some high school student this morning.  She asked me for help with "this".  "This" was a simple umbrella and it was pouring rain.  This kid did not know how to open a regular umbrella. 

I think this kid in the OP is the same person.

Sep 23, 19 9:08 am

I’ll bet she’s a wizard on an iphone.

Non Sequitur

I also bet she's walking out of school this Friday and thinks clicking like on sloganistic FB posts makes a difference too.


In fairness, She wouldn’t need umbrellas if it weren’t for climate! Stupid climate.

Non Sequitur

I know, rain is just an illusion from the MAN trying to keep up the LIES about climate change.


Kids today, amirite?


less blood less money!

Sep 23, 19 9:55 am

Don't rely on other people to tell you what to do with your life.  This should be a well though-out decision.  Not something based on whim.  

It certainly shouldn't be based off of advice you get in passing or from the internet.

Dang.  The above is advice on the internet.  I guess you shouldn't heed that either.

Sep 23, 19 10:53 am
Best advice is to see for yourself. Reach out to your parents, family, friends or community. Ask to shadow an architect for a few days or weeks, do the same with a doctor. Ask them about pros and cons of their own career journey, how they did it, what they wish they’d done or not etc. Many professionals are more than happy to show a young person what they do, even if it’s just a tour or a chat over coffee. Get a sense of what these jobs are about before blindly pursuing and expensive and long education in either. They are very different fields and you may find you don’t like either! It’s kind of insane that as a society we ask teenagers to make a lifelong career decision with zero real world experience. Try and get as much first hand insight as you can prior to any expensive decisions.
Sep 23, 19 3:39 pm

I did that thank u but my problem is how am I supposed to know weather I am good in architecture or medicine??

Non Sequitur

You don’t / can’t know until you try but honestly, if you need to ask you’ve probably done zero research on either profession. Lazy folks do very poorly.


you've got it backwards. decide what do you want to be good at, then figure out what it takes to make yourself good. there is no outside information that can make this decision for you.

Non Sequitur

psychic consultation starts at $300/hr. Payment upfront required.


Also, check your wording "whether I am good"... if that's really your question we can all say you are not good at either, yet. Whether you can become good in a profession is way less about talents and minor skills you've developed to this point and way more about the years of experience you will gain when finally choosing a career.


Okay thank u I appreciate the information


A quick illustrator attempt to solve this issue. This is a working document so everyone feel free to let me know how we can improve this for the next round.

Sep 25, 19 4:24 pm

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