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So I have created the construction drawings for a relatively large barn conversion. My Client does not want project management services and just the drawings and Building Control approval. Do I still have responsibility as Principle Designer? They are not willing to pay me for the role or additional work. I dont want to automatically have responsibility as it's a complex project. Is there a disclaimer I can add to my drawings even though drafts have been issued to my client? 

Sep 22, 19 2:11 pm
Non Sequitur

Anyone can be sued.

What does your professional association has to say about this?

Sep 22, 19 2:48 pm  · 
Wood Guy

Principal designer, not principle. What does your contract say? 

Sep 22, 19 2:58 pm  · 

It does jot refer to CDM regs or the term Principle Designer. Looking online, I can simply advise my client that they need to appoint a Principle Designer? 

Sep 23, 19 1:51 am  · 

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