For those of you in architecture school, what are some of your favorite books?


Are there any that have helped you out in studio?

Sep 19, 19 2:11 pm
Non Sequitur

In no particular order:

SMLXL, Delirious New York, Rem


ProDomo, Yona Friedman

For Everyone A Garden, Safdie

High Rise, J G Ballard

Sep 19, 19 2:53 pm

Again - Manual of Section, LTL

Occupation, Allied Works

Drawing on the Right side of the Brain, Betty Edwards (First year or earlier)

Fundamentals of Building Construction, Allen and Iano

Eyes of the Skin, Pallasmaa

Materials for Design 2, Bell

These are some randoms that helped me when I was in studio. Almost all of our theoretical readings were given to us in excerpts from a variety of journals, books, etc... Lots of Kenneth Frampton and Zumthor. Phenomenology based readings.

Sep 19, 19 3:58 pm

Loblolly House: Elements of a New Architecture by Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake

Modern Architecture: A Critical History by Kenneth Frampton

A bunch of issues of Detail, and the typical things like Ching were also staples.

Sep 19, 19 8:58 pm

Highly recommended books

A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction / Christopher Alexander, Sara Ishikawa, Murray Silverstein

The Architecture of the City / Aldo Rossi

Sep 20, 19 3:58 am

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