Undergrad portfolio help pls!


hey! I’m currently a senior in high school and I’m having trouble finding a program to put together a portfolio for my admissions. A portfolio is required and I have no problem with the content, but I can’t find a program to build my portfolio. 

Are there any portfolio programs that you use and would recommend? 

I’m looking for a program that allows me to collide drawings and pictures together. So far, I’ve only found Morpholio, but that only allows one photo at a time. 

Any thing helps! Thank you so much guys!!

Sep 15, 19 1:28 pm
Non Sequitur

In Design.

Sep 15, 19 1:49 pm  · 
In Design.
Sep 15, 19 4:28 pm  · 


Sep 17, 19 11:06 am  · 

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