Learning from Las Vegas 2.0


it’s waaaay better to spend money on strippers than on stupid gambling.  That what I learned....that’s all.  Good night 

Sep 9, 19 1:14 am
atelier nobody

I can't stand Las Vegas strippers - if I want to look at rubber balloons I'll go the the carnival.

Sep 9, 19 1:40 pm
( o Y o )

stupid is as stupid does

Sep 9, 19 2:53 pm

dude, I lost $$$ on blackjack...I couldn't afford a stripper after last night even if I wanted one .  Never ever gamble drunk.  Also, never ever sit at a blackjack table with an Asian lady named Jenny.  She peer pressured me into betting lol.  I hate Vegas.  

Sep 9, 19 3:10 pm

I'll never understand why strippers are so expensive.  

Sep 9, 19 4:35 pm
atelier nobody

Ever done that yourself? I have, and I wouldn't do it again for less than about $150/hr (which is still considerably less than the other kind of strippers).


Right, I'd sooner pay for the new floors than the plastic surgeon.

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