designing interiors as an architect


Im not sure if I want to do a course in architecture or interior design, if I do a bachelor of architecture would I also be able to design the interior of buildings?

Sep 3, 19 9:20 pm
Non Sequitur

Of course you'll be able to.  You won't be able to design buildings if you stick only to interior design.

Sep 3, 19 9:22 pm

Even in the very few US states (3 at last count?) that require a registered interior designer for some commercial interiors work, a licensed architect is automatically allowed to do that work and/or is automatically qualified to be a registered interior design. 

Sep 4, 19 12:05 pm

As an architect, you would be able to pursue interior design as a career but not vice versa. As a safer option, it would be better to pursue a course in Architecture followed by which you could weigh in your likes/dislikes and apply for architectural/interior designing positions in the future.

At our interiors company, we have quite a few architects turned inter designers and I see this as positive in the sense that these architects are able to gauge the safety and engineering of the space as well as the proposed design, and are very helpful resources especially for big projects.

Sep 12, 19 5:42 am

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