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I've been working as an architectural associate for little over than 1.5 year, and before that for about 2-3 years in different firms as an interior or furniture designer (I have a foreign background and education). Before my performance review that will be in ~4 months I wanted to send resume with portfolio to other firms, just to test the waters and see if I'll get any offers. I like the place where I work, but I'd also like to know how much I'm worth in market.

I just don't really know what to put in my porftolio? When I was applying last time in late 2017, I had some latest student projects from 2015, some competitions, and freelance drawings that I sometimes do. I also added some HQ renderings that I made just to show my rendering skills. I was thinking of putting there some of better looking CDs together with variety of renderings (as we don't do competitions in the office lately and in my free time I do mostly CAD/3D moonlight works that aren't worth putting in portfolio IMO).

Now that I have real architectural experience I'm thinking what the actual architect - not candidate for an architect - portfolio should look like. My office (4 people studio) does mostly residential or high-end residential projects. When it comes to CD experience, I've been assigned to plenty of boring jobs where we were applying for permit or doing some simple remodeling, but I also did set of CDs and renderings for like 2-3 exciting high-end residential projects. The problem is, none of those is finished... one was dropped after we finished CDs and renderings because client changed his mind and sold the house, the other one is like 80% finished because client is constantly undecided (selecting floor for 4 months, etc.), and the third one is getting built but there are some obstacles on the line owner-contractor, so who knows if this will actually ever get built. Even if they finish it, that's too late for me  

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

Aug 23, 19 2:37 pm

I had a similar situation earlier. In the end, the work sample generally consisted of 1x student work, 2x competition work done since school (reflecting my own design principles), and 3x professional work. The latter contained renders (Not done by me, but with some of my Photoshop contributions) and detail drawings I worked on. I would have preferred to lay the professional work out in a way that showed a clear workflow but my experience wasn't enough to craft such a narrative. None of the projects are near completion so I didn't find that an issue.

Aug 23, 19 3:29 pm  · 

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