What is it like studying architecture in Africa, India and S.E. Asia ?

Could anyone share insights or experience of architecture schools in any of these regions ?

-What different degrees are offered?
-How many years of study are required ?
-What are tuition fees ?
-What are common costs in addition to tuition ? 
-How many different institutions offer degrees or specialization in architecture in that region or country?
-What is the university environment like ? 
-Are there any particular characteristics ( wonderful or terrible) of the architecture programs in your region ?  

Aug 21, 19 5:38 pm
Non Sequitur

is google broken?

Aug 21, 19 7:19 pm  · 

don't worry non seq, I have googled enough to warrant the post.  Simply curious to know firsthand observations and experiences. Additionally I don't understand enough languages, so  I often  find the university websites have preliminary information in English, but when you get deeper into the websites per-faculty, there is no more information available in English. so i figured I'd reach out.

For instance, there seem to be about 10  programs in Sudan, with tuition ranging by a factor of at least 6X but it may well be that of those, certain ones are far better or worse than the rest, better accredited or perhaps not... I don't know, so i ask.  Or is what appears to be the sole architecture program in Togo better than  studying in Benin next door where architecture faculty seems housed inside both/either the engineering department ? Is cape town's program as good as it claims to be ? there's an entire constellation of architecture programs in India i would love to know more about; what drives students to select one over another ? . In Laos, how does the large National University arch studies compare with much smaller & newer SU. etc  etc

Aug 22, 19 11:01 am  · 
Non Sequitur

Alright, fair-enough... but what's the point of this research? Most likely there is some sort of database done by each country or region's arch accreditation department.  Perhaps you need to look at their arch associations first and see if they list specific schools.

Another angle is to see what schools from those countries are considered equivalent under NCARB.


its part of an effort to collect preliminary information for an architecture scholarship that someone is looking to establish in 2022 to provide financial assistance for architectural studies to students in some of those regions. And you're right, there are some databases out there, unfortunately they're typically pretty fractured, and while there's a lot more additional  outreach and research that goes into the process, those are definitely helpful.

Aug 22, 19 12:21 pm  · 

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