What type of glasses should I get

Chad Miller

It's time for new glasses but as an architect I can't just get any normal pair.  

What type of frames should I get?

Aug 19, 19 12:10 pm

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I hear the frameless ones are back in vogue with the kiddos. 

Break free from the chains of bs architecture culture and get contacts. 

Aug 19, 19 12:34 pm
Non Sequitur

Putting in contacts is impossible for me... it takes me at least 20mins on a good day. I don't have a problem touching the eyeball but I just can't figure out how to place the lens.

I had contacts before I ever had glasses. I've gotten pretty good at sticking those things on my eyeballs. I can even do it one handed, which has impressed one or two optometrists when I've done it at the end of appointments. I do know some people just can't do it because of various things though. My sister has some sort of eye shape thing that makes it nearly impossible for her unless she has very specific contact lenses.

Non Sequitur

Contacts and tying a tie are two common things I simply cannot do. Everyone needs their kryptonite...

Chad Miller

Too bad I need bifocals.

atelier nobody

Chad, if you only need bifocals, contacts for distance and a pair of reading glasses isn't too bad. Once you move to needing trifocals/progressives, it's a bigger hassle.


There are bifocal contacts...

Is a pop of color on the inside of the frames still a thing? My last pair were much more subdued than the pair before it with some bright color ... but I don't know if it's a trend.

Just go for what feels comfortable and makes you happy.

Aug 19, 19 12:54 pm
Non Sequitur

My current glasses (as well as my wife's) have that inner colour layer. I think they were popular 3y ago but have not seen them arround anymore.


lasik or corbu glasses

Aug 19, 19 1:19 pm
Chad Miller

I'd go for lasik before corbu glasses. My face isn't flattered by the corbu's.


No one who's ever lived has been flattered by Corbu glasses.


Aug 19, 19 2:18 pm
Chad Miller

They don't come in my prescription. :(


get those clear ones so it's clear you just got out of chemistry lab

Aug 19, 19 2:24 pm
Chad Miller

Never taken chemistry, I don't want to deceive clients.


Been really happy with my warby parkers, i actually had a tough time deciding which frames to get

Aug 19, 19 2:41 pm

Need a pic, Chad.

Aug 19, 19 2:57 pm
Chad Miller

You first.


SEE eyewear. I buy the sunglass frames that are only $99 and just get clear prescription lenses put in. They are way cheaper that way for a great pair of specs that are designed by this company, so they're unique. Their eyeglass frames are usually ~$300-$400. Also, SEE uses really good acetate, not the cheap shit.

Aug 19, 19 3:53 pm

Everyone in my office has warby parkers.  I really liked mine, but new doc says I never actually needed glasses so no need to wear them anymore.  Go figure.  WP has really great customer service too.

Aug 19, 19 4:33 pm
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atelier nobody

These ones are constantly showing up in my feed - how avant-garde are you?

Aug 19, 19 5:02 pm

That's avant-tard, not avant-garde.

Non Sequitur

Do they sell a version with the square on the right side?


"That's avant-tard, not avant-garde." gold

Chad Miller

Found my new glasses!


Lmao look at this nerd not having 2020 vision.

Aug 20, 19 10:33 am
Chad Miller

I can't look, you're all blurry.


Rose Colored?

Jan 9, 20 12:28 pm
Chad Miller

Hmmm, what about yellow or orange ones? Then I could look like Bono!


The Oliver Peoples glasses Gregory Peck wore as Attitus Finch in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. Beyond classic. 

Jan 9, 20 1:58 pm

These are my new frames

Jan 9, 20 4:52 pm
Chad Miller


liberty bell

b3ta those rock!!


I'm going to wear these indoors too.

Chad Miller

Glasses that damn cool you have to!


Right? I'll do my impression of Karl Lagerfeld of architecture.

I have two of these.

Jan 11, 20 9:40 pm
Chad Miller

You've won the internet for today sir.


Mykita.  Single piece construction, no screws, indestructible, and stylish.  On the pricier side but super high quality.

Jan 12, 20 12:06 am
Chad Miller

Thanks for the info, I'll check them out.

Picked up my new glasses today

These were my old ones

Jan 22, 20 11:51 pm

Don't ever let anyone say you don't have a style

Non Sequitur

EI, I think we have the same frames... mine are dark blue with green tho.

Chad Miller

Black or GTFO bro!

When you have a face like mine, you stick with what works.

Non Sequitur

Black for glasses is boring.

Chad Miller

Oh come now, you're Canadian, boring is your default look.

Non Sequitur

^more reasons to avoid boring glasses. Now hold my poutine while I finish up this site report.

Chad Miller

::eats all of the poutine::    burp


great now I want poutine from NY fries

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Get one with at least 2 hour fire resistance rating. 

Jan 23, 20 1:41 pm
Chad Miller

That win's the internet for today.

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