What can I do with my Architecture degree?


Hi all,

So I graduated from Oxford Brookes University in the UK with a 1st class in July 2018, and have been working in a Part I placement since August 2018. I finish my placement in less than two weeks, and I'm a little confused as to what I should do next.

I really enjoyed studying architecture, especially the more conceptual, explorative and artistic side of things (getting to use my hands not a computer - although I did use adobe and 3d softwares), whether this was making models, producing drawings and art works to represent my conceptual ideas, using sculpture and photography to inform ideas.. you get the gist. I did enjoy the actual building of form and space part, but not so much the technical side. Which is why I haven't enjoyed my placement so much. My boss did however try to convice me with a payrise to stay on an extra year before returning for my Part II masters - I said I'd rather gain a broader experience elsewhere. A main reason for rejecting the offer was also the office, I don't get inspired by the work we do, and my colleagues are fairly closed minded in terms of design.
I've also dedicated a month or so to working on some of my own projects to glitz up my portfolio before applying to any masters courses; whilst also hopefully gaining me some recognition online using my website and social media.

I've been working at this architecture firm for almost a year now, and haven't really enjoyed it. It's been mainly drawing digital drawings - or submitting planning applications and technical packages. I've learnt many things, the main thing being this life may not be for me, it's far to rational and rigid. I miss the more artisic side of things. I was planning on trying perhaps a creative studio job, but feel slightly underqualified or having a lack of experience. I've also looked into animation and film set design - but cannot find many opportunites for placements. I do plan to start calling studios and offices up, but I wanted to solidify my bearings a little more before doing so.

The question is, what can I do with my degree, I fancy something different to rekindle my artistic side. I'm still planning on studying a Part II; because I want to learn how to design, and improve my process.
I'd be very grateful for any advice you may have,

Thank you for reading.

Aug 10, 19 3:29 pm
Non Sequitur

"It's been mainly drawing digital drawings - or submitting planning applications and technical packages"

News flash, this is a big part of the business of architecture and you only have 1 year of experience... far too little to be taken seriously with the office's client's money.  Everyone wants to work on the creative part and let monkeys and other various grunts deal with the real work. Remember, in the real world, design is a small fraction of the work architects are paid to do and that part is often reserved to the senior staff who have real-world experience with what works and does not work.  

If you want something else, then try your hand at a boutique style design office.  These places will likely cater to higher-end clients with often unique projects.  You'll face competition for entry (and thus, also a lower pay) due to the popularity of design-centric offices.

My 2 cents.

p.s.  The real world is nothing like architecture studio


Aug 10, 19 4:46 pm  · 

You have a first class degree but you feel it's necessary to crowdsource important decisions about your life on the internet?

Aug 10, 19 5:05 pm  · 

Even set designers have to do the drawings to get it out together. They even do drawings he for the parts of sets that are CGI.

Aug 10, 19 5:44 pm  · 

I've always fantasized about doing production design on films. Seems like a lot of fun. But yes, set designers do have to do technical work to construct the sets/buildings etc. Peep this interview:

Anshuman Prasad is a set designer and concept artist who graduated from architecture school and practiced in architecture for a bit, then transitioned to the film industry... quiet successfully in fact. According to him, there are many set designers / concept artists who used to be architects. 

Aug 10, 19 10:58 pm  · 

You don't HAVE to be an architect just because you have the degree. Architecture study offers many pathways to jobs related to buildin TellDunkin

Aug 13, 19 1:45 am  · 

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