Is 25 too old to start Architecture?


Hello everyone,

here's my thing. I'm 24 right now and just finished my major in Classics which were particularly focused on drawing ancient Architecture. I used a lot of CAD for my master thesis too. In the meanwhile i realized i do really want to go deeper than this and maybe become something like a preservation architect, restorarion architect or architecture historian (anything related to archi would be great actually).

I would necessarely begin next year at 25 though, so i would ask you: is it really too late to realize something like this? Would i be discriminated for my age as soon as im done with uni looking for a job?

Im perfectly aware of hardness of studies and sad wages situations, but i still feel totally convinced and confident, at least in giving a chance.

Last detail, i live in EU (Italy).

Thanks everyone for attention and advice!

Aug 10, 19 9:27 am
Non Sequitur

Italy is probably one of the only places where type of work really matters.  25 is not too old and many people jump into architecture later in life anyways.

Aug 10, 19 9:35 am  · 

Although I'd bet that most of the late arrivals made a bunch of money in their first careers and are switching to architecture without the financial burden of student debt, growing family, mortgage, etc. Just a supposition. I can't prove it.

New Yorker magazine used to have ads for Harvard that were obviously aimed at this boutique demographic.

Twenty five is not too old however.


As the saying goes“Never too old to learn”.Passion is very important.

Guide to Studying Architecture

Hopefully it helps!

Aug 12, 19 4:18 am  · 

go to notre dame. they have a classics focused architecture program, and as far as i can tell based on my coworkers who went there are good at producing viable workforce contributing folks woo

Aug 12, 19 10:30 am  · 
atelier nobody

I was 27 with a BA in comparative religion when I got into architecture - best decision I have ever made.

Because money was an issue for me, I went to a 2-year architectural technology school, not an accredited architecture program, and started working as a draftsman. I was able to work my way up from draftsman to eventually become a licensed architect and get "principal" in my job title, but that's not possible everywhere, so if you can afford it, an accredited degree is probably a better option.

Aug 12, 19 3:03 pm  · 

Any profession is fine to start at any age! Except perhaps athletics.. Ballerinas etc. 

Aug 14, 19 3:31 pm  · 

Never too old to learn!

The GSD has an MDes in Critical Conservation if you're interested.

Aug 15, 19 2:04 pm  · 

Italy is probably one of the places where business is really important. 25 not too old, and many people jump to architecture later in life. Of course, make your own plan program well. The things you will be happy in your life will earn more.

Hope to see you in 2020, happy new year!


Aug 28, 19 5:11 am  · 

It's never too late to learn and 25 is quite an energetic age.

Sep 1, 19 5:30 pm  · 

Learning is not about age, you can learn in any number of age and it just a number and you are just 24 year old and an energetic person.

Hope to see you can 2020..

Dec 15, 19 6:08 am  · 

In some ways, it's too young.  But go for it.

Dec 15, 19 4:21 pm  · 

never too old ! 

Jan 2, 20 8:00 pm  · 

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