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Does anyone here use any sketching apps?

I recently came across Autodesk Sketchbook and I find it quite an interesting option for concept images.

Personally, I am a proponent of digitally enhanced drawings, but still don't like Lumion as much, as it makes everything look uniform and I would like to have a bit of hand drawn input into the image.

Autodesk Sketchbook has features like one and two point perspective grids, line correction, different drafting tools etc.

Any other app suggestions?

Also, have you used any tablets for digital sketching? I know of the Wacom, but I am looking for one that's about A4 size and has an integrated display, more like a digital sketchbook that I can carry around.

Aug 7, 19 12:52 pm

i think you would be hard pressed to find a better tool than autodesk's sketchbook.  the layers are a huge help so you can layer information, turn stuff on and off to see different options, things like that.  also, it's faster and easier to erase on a screen than it is on sketchpaper.

Aug 7, 19 1:24 pm

I think it's great. Which tablet to you use it with?


My phone. I had it on a Samsung note, but my office doesn't really embrace tablets for what I do right now.


I see. I am looking to get a tablet with a stylus. I quite like the idea of having a mobile digital sketchbook.


I'm curious.  How much do these programs cost?  And are they purchased outright, or subscription things with expiration dates?

Aug 9, 19 8:10 am

Autodesk Sketchbook is free.


Autodesk Sketchbook is a favorite free option of mine. Very useful especially if you have an apple pencil. 

Aug 14, 19 3:54 pm

The information is quite interesting, I will try.


Aug 17, 19 2:45 am

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