Which software do you use for application portfolios?



I was wondering which software do people use to make application portfolios? What is the primary software that people layout their portfolio in or could you give an example of the workflow- that would be very helpful to someone from a non design background. (Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign). 

Also, how do you keep the file size small? Schools want files as small as 10mb or 15mb. What are the best tips and tricks to retain image quality and reduce file size?

Aug 3, 19 7:41 am

technically, I’ve used all three. InDesign is the main one though. 

Workflow usually goes back and forth between InDesign and Photoshop/Illustrator for editing images/drawings. 

Once everything is exported as a pdf I use acrobat and adjust settings until the file size is reduced enough. For example, reducing image sampling for anything above 300 dpi to 275 dpi. 

Aug 3, 19 10:04 am  · 

Thank you so much for your reply. I was also wondering if you could explain the exact difference between making a portfolio using spreads or not. Does using a spread essentially mean that each double-page is a continuous narrative. Whereas, designing a portfolio without thinking about spreads means that every single page stands individually?


Yes, a spread is two cohesive pages that are read as one. Some schools view portfolios as single pages, so be sure to look at guidelines/requirements before submitting


Primarily use InDesign and Photoshop. One suggestion would be to rasterize your vector-based images (ex. .dwg -> .png or .jpg). It does increase file size but guarantees it looks how you intended. I've had trouble with Acrobat's enhance thin lines feature making my line work look terrible.

Sep 11, 19 8:48 am  · 

I used a copy machine, x-acto knife, and spray-mount.

Sep 11, 19 1:34 pm  · 

The main ones for me are Photoshop (75%) and InDesign (25%).

Sep 29, 19 8:02 pm  · 
Chad Miller

Primarily Photoshop and InDesign.  

Oct 18, 19 9:48 am  · 

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