ada toilet compartments


any rules about where the lav is located? all the examples show the toilet and the lav on the same wall.

Jul 16, 19 6:02 pm
drums please, Fab?

no rules!  if you have the required clearances you can locate the lav wherever you want.  the same wall is simply the most efficient.

Jul 16, 19 6:09 pm  · 

Exactly this.

atelier nobody

If you just make every single-occupant toilet at least 10' x 10', you can always comply...;)

Non Sequitur

is there not some practical distance so that the lav and wc share the same vent pipe?

Jul 16, 19 8:51 pm  · 

the key with bathroom design is to leave cracks so you can see people while they poop 

Jul 16, 19 11:46 pm  · 

oh the eye contact is so awkward!


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