I need help!!


hello guys I have couple of questions about architecture and interior Design 

I love them both and my questions are 

Can do both architecture and interior Design with an architecture bachelor??

And is it better to study architecture and then interior Design or the opposite??

Jul 15, 19 10:29 pm
Non Sequitur

yes, you can do both... and technically, one does not need any formal education in most places, to work as an interior designer.  This cannot be said of architecture so pick the better of the two and you'll have twice the opportunities.

Jul 15, 19 10:38 pm

Do a BArch that is accredited, some may have Int Des modules as elective. Arch Des courses that are undergoing evaluation to become BArch that don't make the cut often rebrand as Int Arch and don't carry the same professional weight that a BArch does.

Int Des can be very rewarding but depending on state, can be restricted to what you can legally do.

Jul 16, 19 5:48 am

I think you should get BArch anyway, and then, of course, you can do both after receiving some experience, or you can learn at some courses for designers and make a portfolio and voila

Aug 7, 19 5:35 am

I need help finding out what you would call these and if I can remove them? Anybody please help.

Aug 7, 19 2:29 pm
Non Sequitur

what does your architect or structural p.eng have to say about it?



Non Sequitur

Those are antique solar collectors. Paint them black for maximum effect.


outriggers, from a time when people dried their own fish


This is an extremely weird derail.


A thermal bridge.. if they’re interior.


they are ugly.  I could hang myself there for buying this house or I can chop it off.  Just kidding on the hanging part.  

Aug 7, 19 2:44 pm
Non Sequitur

They are nicer than what is likely going to be left once you half-ass try to cut them out.

Nice gutter detail.

Aug 7, 19 3:09 pm

They actually look a little unique.If you tear it down and there's nothing special about it.

Aug 8, 19 5:53 am

Yes you can do both.

Aug 8, 19 7:42 am
Non Sequitur

Are you sure?

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