After working in China what am I worth in the US? I am clueless


I have been working in China for the past 5.5 years and now I have had interviews in the US and they are asking what kind of salary I am looking for (my resume and portfolio for those who are interested I am unlicensed and this will be my first job in the US, North Carolina more specifically, however all the firms seem to be really impressed with the quality of the projects that I worked on overseas. I was going to look at the AIA Compensation Report but it's almost four hundred bucks which is crazy so I am finding it really difficult to know my value. With all the combined knowledge on this forum I want to ask you all: how much do you all think I am worth per year?

Jul 12, 19 10:23 am

just look on glassdoor, AIA salary calculator (search it, this one is free) - for under 15 years experience they really are useful. as long as you are targeting firms doing similar project types even if the scale is different your experience will translate well.

Jul 12, 19 11:18 am

I looked on those sites and I saw a very wide range of salaries from $40,000 to $80,000. So I am not sure how accurate any of the numbers on those websites are.

Jul 12, 19 11:28 am

totally accurate. where in that range you fall depends how profitable the firm you apply for is, how useful you are on the projects they do, and how good you are at negotiating a generous salary. figure out what you want and work backwards to see what you'll need to do to get it.

none of these are things some strangers on the internet can judge for you.

Jul 12, 19 11:47 am

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