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I'd like to know who you think are the successors or followers of certain architects' ideas or concepts if you could name one. For example, I think Rem Koolhaas followers or successors under his ideas are more obvious in comparison to other great architects who their followers are hard to name, such as in the case of Herzog & de Meuron. I am trying to look for architects who continue using Herzog & de Meuron's ideas or way of thinking in architecture. I know this could be a very hard question to answer. I think it is so easy to find names who followed Rem Koolhaas' ideas, from MVRDV to BIG. But I have no clue regarding Herzog & de Meuron's successors. 

Jul 11, 19 2:31 pm

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Rem and Herzog & de Meuron hardly fall into the category of "great" architects. Following their vacant philosophies is an exercise stupidity. You might just as well be an adherent of parametricism. None of this architecture, it is just fashion justified by a bunch of pseudoconceptual bullshit.

Jul 11, 19 4:14 pm

1. Look up their old work 2. see who worked on it 3. type those names in a search engine.

Jul 12, 19 7:50 am

I'd be MUCH more interested to read a book consisting of non-fluffy, dirt-digging interviews with the teams on iconic buildings from 1980 until now. It would be very enlightening to see how much of the "heroic architect" mythos is based on bullshit when other people did most of the heavy lifting. 

Jul 12, 19 11:56 am

I completely understand all of your points. However, I think that Herzog and de Meuron's early work is very nice. Lately I do agree with you and their work became more about parametricism and the spectacle.

Probably it was too much to categorise them as great architects. I just think that they did have some important projects which are important in the architecture world. Undoubtedly, there more better ones than these two whom I mentioned. Miles, I would like to know now what architects you consider as great ones. 

Jul 12, 19 2:08 pm

Early 2000’s HdeM and OMA were even considering joining forces...there’s an article in OMA’s Content bookazine about it actually


Pretty much everyone these days is just apeing what Palladio and Loos started.

Jul 13, 19 10:14 am
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not a very complete or detailed look, but an impressive attempt to categorize this idea:

Jul 13, 19 11:37 am

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