Need advice regarding transitioning back to architecture after 8 years...



I'm looking for some advice on transitioning back to this profession.  I have a Bachelor of Architectural Science degree and done a few internships during my time in school. However, that was over 8 years ago.  I had to return home to Malaysia immediately upon graduation to take care of family (business, property etc).  My initial plan was to return in 2 years to pursue my masters but due to circumstances, its taken me 8 years to get back to Canada.  This time I've moved here permanently with my family. We've sold our home, property and business back home.

Though I haven't worked in this field for the past 8 years, I've always wanted to transition back to this profession, obtain my masters and pursue a license eventually.  

I would like any advice on how to go about it.  Should I go seek employment for a year or two first before trying to apply for Masters?  I assume it will be difficult to get accepted into master's since admission officers will be wondering about my 8 year break and I don't have any references from employees etc?  How will employees look at my 8 year break? What should I show potential employees in my portfolio (work from undergrad, or should I work on new projects/competitions etc)?  

I'm in no rush and in it for the long haul, but not getting younger as I'm in my mid 30's now. 

Thanks and appreciate any advice. 

Jun 12, 19 11:55 pm

People only wonder about an 8 year break if no explanation has been given, what’s wrong with telling the truth?

Jun 13, 19 7:57 am

First off, you will need to set realistic expectations. With your BTech background, I'm assuming you went to BCIT or Ryerson etc. and with your 8 year absence in the world of architecture, the chances of you getting into a typical Masters will be fairly low. Your best bang for your buck would be to apply for AP programs or the shortest Master's program possible. However, I would recommend getting at least a year of work experience before schooling as the opportunity for school will always be available but jobs are not guaranteed. Depending on the city you're located in, only Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa seem to have job opportunities for graduates and the other cities across Canada seem to be in a slump.

Jun 13, 19 3:52 pm

Thanks for your suggestion. What is an AP program? Would you know which schools offer the shortest Master's program in Canada?

Non Sequitur

AP = advanced placement. The only one I know in Canada with something like that is DAL, I think.

Non Sequitur

school applications don’t really care about gaps. They care about the content of your portfolio and a portfolio for school is not the same as a portfolio for jobs. 

Coming in with a tech degree, you’re likely to have only the 3y March available to you. Ubc and UofT being the largest that offer this route.  What you may want to do is take a construction management of arch tech diploma at a local college to pimp our your portfolio. 

Some people get into March with very little architecture in their applications. See if you an round up something unique that shows your creative flair and design ambitions. Who knows, maybe that’ll pass the selection committee. 

Jun 13, 19 6:36 pm

Lawrence Tech might be a good option for you, they are located outside of detroit and offer a distance learning M. Arch.  I think that the degree counts in canada as well. 

Jun 14, 19 1:23 pm

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