Interior Office Space Building Code NYC

What is the best resource for Interior Office Space Building Codes in NYC?

Thank you in advance.

Jun 12, 19 1:57 pm
atelier nobody

Jun 12, 19 2:08 pm

thanks. Does one typically follow the nyc building code or do you use ICC? there are a number of different sites that list building codes. Which is official?

Jun 12, 19 2:20 pm
Non Sequitur

This is not yahoo answers.

Jun 12, 19 2:22 pm

Can someone give a straight answer? I don't work for a firm. I work for a manufacturer. Just trying to do some homework for an area I am not familiar with and would like to make sure I am using the correct resource.  

Thank you again. 

Jun 12, 19 2:29 pm

I can't speak for NYC, but typically, you start with the highest governing body and move down to the lowest level.  So, the state probably has adopted and modified the IBC.  Then the city has its own requirements.  You have to follow all the applicable codes and standards.  As you get to each lower level of government, it typically gets more detailed because the requirements are more locality specific.

Jun 12, 19 2:37 pm

thank you. that is helpful


New York City has its own building code. It is different from the New York State building code. It also has considerably different requirements regarding how to format and number the permit drawing sheets.

There are lots of permit expeditors that specialize in NYC processing. It is hard to get a medium to large project through without their help.

Jun 12, 19 5:24 pm

Thank you.


NYC building code applies to all projects within city limits. ICC is not applicable.

Project typology is irrelevant.

NYC DOB is the official resource. 

Jun 13, 19 3:19 pm

Thank you!


Off the hop, look up NYC Building Code (2014) chapters 3, 8, 10-12. Obviously, depending on the job, you'll have to review others, but these will give you a sense of the use/occupancy, interior finishes, egress, accessibility, and environment. 

Jun 13, 19 4:44 pm

Great. Thank you!


In NYC, NYC Building Code supercedes every National Code. Period.

Jun 14, 19 2:21 pm

Thank you!


I am NYC Union Carpenter with much experience with Manhattan Office Space reno. If there is a question I can answer feel free.

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