Anyone know if revolving doors affect FAR?

working on a renovation to an existing condo building lobby and considering replacing entry with a revolving door. We’d like to place it centered on the storefront (half in and half out) and can’t find definitive information anywhere on whether that would count as additional floor area. Anyone have any experience with this?

Jun 11, 19 9:20 pm

ask your ahj -- that's what they are there for


ask for forgiveness later

Jun 12, 19 2:07 pm

Wow. Are you so close that the revolving door makes a difference?

What proto said: talk to the AHJ. They might consider only part of the revolving door to count. They might have a definition for Building Area or they might not.

Jun 12, 19 5:28 pm

if it is centered on the storefront isn't it the exact same as the existing swing door?

Jun 12, 19 6:43 pm

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