hello everyone,

I have admits from ASU and IIT Chicago for M.arch course .

I am not able to choose one between them, as IIT is best ranked but is quite expensive than ASU.

Though I always wanted to study in Chicago, but then the financial factor also matters a bit. 

So, can anybody suggest what would be the best choice among these two, considering the future factors regarding job prospects, career ecposure,etc ...too.

Thanks in advance !!

Jun 11, 19 2:33 pm

I heard ASU is number one party school in the country!

Jun 11, 19 4:36 pm

That's the most common thing that I have heard !!

But how about the academics and the jobs perspectives?? 

Which amongst the ASU & IIT would be a better option for M.arch??


Jun 14, 19 2:02 am

Who are the professors currently teaching in the master's programs at each? What does their work look like? Arizona has some great modernist architects, if you can nab a studio or two with one of them, I'd probably go that route. IIT just switched deans which is really great news, but I'm not sure who the prominent faculty are really...

Jun 14, 19 9:21 am

given they've chosen a dean who is kind of a talent scout for architects i guess that's the problem iit is trying to redress


Agreed. Kroloff did good things at the other schools he has helmed. I'm hoping to see a resurgence in good practitioners and academics at IIT.

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