$100 investment into CAD/photoshop templates? What does your company use?



Considering this purchase:

(Dk why the video disappeared. There was an overview with lovely things like silhouettes with varying detail etc.)


Having recently spent an hour searching for a suitable palm tree, I'm seeing this as a great potential. Is a subscription like this way more efficient? Where do you and your company source good CAD/photoshop templates?

I do not consider illegal templates.

May 23, 19 7:39 pm
Non Sequitur

I’ve purchased some revit door families because spending a few 100$ On good flexible models saved me several hours making them from scratch. 

May 23, 19 7:45 pm
Non Sequitur

I don’t see the need to pay for cad or ps files tho. Those can be whipped up quickly. 

May 23, 19 7:47 pm

Appreciate the answers Non Sequitur,

Would you say no need even given the organisation of it and selectiveness?

So far, my projects have been hand-drawn / very bespoke even at detail level, so hard for me to estimate.

In the future, I want to preserve strong personal aesthetics but such a library may provide a base to edit?

The price translates to a few hours of my working time. Give this a go?

May 23, 19 8:18 pm
Non Sequitur

It’s worth the gamble if it’s only a few hours worth and you see repeat usage.


A lot of similar content can be found online for free, though I'm less sure about commercial licensing. How much of the content is the author's own work vs. repurposed content that might also be found elsewhere? The creator's claim to have spent 10,000 hours on that kind of a project sounds like a suspicious exaggeration.

May 24, 19 3:13 am

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