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Hi - I am having difficulty with a Client on a domestic renovation project - defects liability period is complete - Contractor has attended to all - The Client is insisting that I issue a further instruction to the Contactor on repair work associated with a timber floor - I believe the instruction is unwarranted and over the top - I would welcome any opinions / views on how I would stand if I refuse to adhere to the Clients wish !


May 15, 19 11:28 am
Non Sequitur

Warranty period is over, so any work is for additional fees.  Both for you and the GC.   The client can't just keep asking for more after the fact.

May 15, 19 11:33 am

Other warranties may still be in play. Even if you didn't specify warranty requirements, standard manufacturer warranties apply. For wood flooring these warranties can range from a year to "lifetime" depending on failure. Good luck collecting though.

Non Sequitur

Correct. I'm assuming the OP's situation is many years after construction.


Have you even seen an average OP? Never assume anything.

Non Sequitur

I had a moment of weakness... happens to the best of us. Also, it's lunch time.

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