There goes the neighborhood


On the Spanish resort island of Ibiza twenty famous mostly modern architects are designing homes  in a development from about 7,000 square feet to 14,000 square feet. Prices range from $14 million to $25 million. All of the homes have been designed but not sold as yet. Many are under construction. Among the architects are David Chipperfield, Marcio Kogan, John Pawson, and Elias Rizo. Unusual in the many different nationalities of the architects involved and that the owners will have a say in the finishing details only. These are second and third homes of the rich. 

Rendering of Kogan designed Ibiza house. From an article in today's Wall Street Journal

Apr 26, 19 7:57 am

not the first snake oil shop

Apr 26, 19 10:29 am

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