The horizon of architecture. Silly thoughts from a silly man.


I'm wondering about the present and next future of architecture

The employment stats for fresh graduate and co. are somewhere around 30%

Buildings tend to last much more than a hamburger or a boy/girl band.

People need to eat everyday and entertain with new things when ever they can. "Buildings" and sons generically goes for a life, the lucky (hu)man will change them few more times and some will have even more than one, while the unlucky bastards will share the sky on a card box with other nameless fellas.

Buildings need way more space than a hamburger and are even pretty more expensive for the all the "party".

Population grow will slowdown for... many years? at least for the the old countries. Babies boom period will soon move to a bed of stone while the new babies seems to be way less prolific.

The construction industry as any other need to feed on even if there is no demand and so ghost cities growth in some countries and even if there is a real demand not all can easily afford the brick.

In some countries crops value can't be compared with the money circulation around the construction industry and so in the name of development green is covered by grey.

Obsolete cities/buildings are not easy to be redeveloped so the matrix of cities stay nearly the same since the real matrix are the money.

Too often something is built not because it's needed but because will be profitable and the quality of it will just depend by how much can be lucrative.

The horizon is shrinking, the far west is just behind the back with all it's mess and now there is just a seashore in front that it's slowly creeping in. 

Apr 25, 19 10:49 am
Non Sequitur

quite silly indeed.

Architecture cannot be compared to a hamburger.  Clearly, pop-tarts are a better comparison.

Apr 25, 19 10:58 am

change the dose, or the product altogether, hambergers are on the way out. 

Apr 25, 19 11:08 am

hella article

Apr 25, 19 11:55 am

It's spelled "hamberder".

Apr 26, 19 3:07 pm


Apr 27, 19 1:04 am
Non Sequitur



Whatever the future holds for this profession, at least our jobs won't likely be replaced by AI. Maybe partially, but not fully.

Apr 30, 19 1:06 pm

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