Largest Piece of Single Pane Glass Interior


What is the largest piece of single pane glass you have seen installed in an interior application?

Apr 23, 19 4:29 pm

Size doesn't matter.  It's how you use the glazing that matters.  

Apr 23, 19 4:37 pm

The largest glass panes on Apple's headquarters are 47 feet x 10.5 feet.  They're curved. 

If you mean a size for which you might reasonably find a source that doesn't involve building a factory to specially produce it:  then approximately 11 by 6 feet is the largest I've seen on a more mundane non-starchitect sort of project.

Apr 23, 19 5:18 pm

For glass partition supported at top and bottom only, GANA (glass association of north america) has an 18 foot limit. At that size, glass needs to be fully tempered and 1 inch thick. 

Apr 24, 19 11:21 am

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