3d printing as a design tool

Hi everyone! I was wondering what everyone's experience has been regarding using 3d-printing as a design tool for projects. I was hoping to get insights as to when 3d prints might have informed or helped figure out something in a project.

My own experience with it -be it massing models, sectional models etc has always ended up in being more of a presentation piece where I have already figured something out digitally or with a sketch and I am just printing it because it looks cool or intriguing to other people/clients. Any tips on how to make it a genuine thinking tool rather than just another way to draft out an idea? I would love to know how other people use the tool!

Apr 22, 19 11:54 pm

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Apr 23, 19 6:04 am

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Apr 23, 19 6:06 am

3D printings are useful in much more aspects.You can design anything whatever you want.I am interested in making neon sings NYC with 3D printing and the product is always amazing and perfect with a lot of customization with pro featured options.

Aug 5, 19 12:00 pm

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