De Blasio scores again.


"Appearing Monday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city’s own Green New Deal will “ban the classic glass and steel skyscrapers,” warning property owners will face massive fines unless buildings are retrofitted to reduce emissions."

(But it is OK to tear down the 52-story JP Morgan Chase building.)

Apr 22, 19 12:10 pm

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So they'll be made of, what, hemp and sticks instead?

Apr 22, 19 12:56 pm

Plastic straws


Reminds me a little of our mayor (aka, the man who would be president) and his substance-empty but prattle-rich state-of-the-city speech last week.  

Apr 22, 19 1:01 pm

Between him and AOC... not sure how New Yorkers voted for these morons

Apr 22, 19 1:07 pm

City council just passed some new legislation last week that will likely affect all buildings in the city. This is probably what he was talking about.

Apr 22, 19 1:17 pm
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I don't necessarily support the GND in entirety, but you missed the second half of his statement where he stated that IF someone wants to build a glass building, then the design must be proven to be energy efficient.  I think we can all point to projects that were advertised as 'sustainable' but missed the mark.  The BOA tower in NY comes to mind.  Making a statement like, 'banning glass skyscrapers' is hyperbole and politically foolish . . . but it's also not wrong to point to the typology as a place for improvement. 

Apr 22, 19 1:19 pm

Curtain wall is ugly anyways

Apr 22, 19 3:39 pm

When a lefty politician is virtue signalling, the best thing to do is jump out of the way and watch/laugh from a safe distance.

Apr 22, 19 5:24 pm



I don’t know a single NYer who doesn’t a) hate Deblasio and b) hate NY

Apr 22, 19 9:44 pm

wow. what a genius. maybe he can ban asphalt and concrete next.

Apr 22, 19 10:24 pm

No wonder NY is the #1 state in the nation in regards to people moving out of state. High Taxes and High Insanity by it's so called leaders. 

Apr 23, 19 10:10 am

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