What are the most important factors when choosing which high end doors to go with?


When choosing which manufacturer to go with for high end doors what are the most important factors to you as an architect? 

Apr 19, 19 11:35 am

1. Which kind of doors.

Apr 19, 19 11:59 am

I just note "high end door" and then pray that contractor can read minds and knows if I meant wood, or steel, or glazed aluminum, or all glass door. 

This is a very sloppy question dude. 

Apr 19, 19 12:01 pm

"high end doors" are custom made to order.

Apr 19, 19 12:18 pm
Non Sequitur

Depends on the quality of the catering when the rep comes to visit the junior staff for a free "presentation" lunch.

Apr 19, 19 1:53 pm
atelier nobody

I spent a couple years early in my career at a boutique interior design firm - man, do I miss the quality food and swag those reps used to bring us. Since moving into open-bid government work, I've rarely seen anything other than Corner Bakery sandwiches...sigh.


interior doors are all custom made. exterior we look at slim profiles and good seals, usually triple glazing with argon. variety of colors is important. 

Apr 19, 19 3:19 pm

Good point. I mean large sliding or folding doors for custom homes or commercial applications. 

Apr 19, 19 5:20 pm

obviously you aren’t a real architect unless you make your own doors

Apr 20, 19 2:03 pm

Reputation (longevity of product and company; ease to work with; responsiveness); ability to customize each part; technical know-how (ability to work throughout design process; quality of shop drawings); on-time delivery; delivery of correct product.

Hate companies where the sales reps can't answer technical questions (to a reasonable extent)

Apr 22, 19 3:17 pm

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