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Savage E

I was looking for some help on designing a Music and Dance Academy for an academic 'hypothetical' assessment project, that  i'm currently undertaking in order to become a registered architect in Australia. 

One of my tasks is to design 340 m² Orchestral room/Large recital room and I was wondering if you had any help or advice on on how I should design the space, in particular to the ratio of musicians and audience members. I've done a lot of research online, as this is a home/ distance learning assessment and I'm struggling to find the right information. 

I am not sure I should be designing a concert hall. The brief specifies it should include a ninety square metre balcony, and I am not sure if this is for the audience members or musicians. Having never designed a school Academy or music establishment or orchestral space, I am not sure if an Orchestral room with a balcony in a school, should be for musicians or audience members. 

If there's any advice you can offer guidelines you can provide, or tips or where to look for this information, it will be so very much appreciated. Any advise welcome. 

Many thanks in advance.

Apr 19, 19 3:49 pm

Generally the musicians reside on the stage, not the balcony. 


Apr 19, 19 4:16 pm

except if they are monks. Are they monks?

Apr 19, 19 6:46 pm
Non Sequitur

the balcony goes on the outside of the building. It’s only for those who need to step out for a quick vape during intermission. 

Apr 19, 19 7:20 pm

m2?  Ok, so first thing, use the imperial system like the civilized world.

Apr 19, 19 8:49 pm
Non Sequitur

The civilized world uses the metric system. Not our fault you failed/refused to adapt. 8-)

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