hotels standareds


hello every one 

I am searching for the standard corridors width in hotels if rooms 

were from one side and if from both sides.

and the maximum distance from the stairs and elevators to the rooms 

if  some one can help me 

thanx in advance .

Apr 16, 19 12:45 pm

The question about corridor width varies, depending on where the project is located (different countries, states, municipalities adopt different codes), what the building occupancy is (based on square feet and number of rooms), etc.

The question about max distance from stairs and elevators to rooms depends on even more factors, including: type of construction, number of floors, sprinklered or not...

You're asking for information that requires research, for which architects and code specialists typically charge fees.  Hire somebody familiar with codes in the building's existing or proposed location.

Apr 16, 19 1:10 pm

thanx for answering I thought there is a standards for these things . it is not a real project actually it is just a university project to do I still student :D


5 feet or 150 cm is pretty much the standard in the US for hotel corridor widths when serving rooms on two sides. In cities where land is expensive, it might be a little less. In high end hotels it might be a little more like 6 feet or 180 cm.

Apr 16, 19 1:37 pm

5 feet only works when you have no doors swinging into the corridor - so no maid or janitorial storage closet, no mechanical closet, etc. that has a door swinging that way - otherwise the door swings impede more than half the corridor width, so by default your corridor minimum becomes 6 feet (assuming 3' doors). Also maid carts, luggage carts, ice machine, any other equipment that habitually sits in a corridor for any length of time all aren't supposed to reduce the code minimum width below 44" so usually 60" doesn't work in a hotel. If this is a student project in the US then if I were you I'd use IBC as your code reference (available free online). If another country then use the applicable code. But there are too many specifics to crowd source the answer here.


Two separate issues there.


Doors don't swing into the corridor, they swing away from the corridor. Guestroom doors, housekeeping storage room doors, and egress stair doors all swing away.


In case they swing into the corridor, then you have to look at IBC 1005.7.


thank you all for the help I really appreciate it thaaaanx :D


I got nailed once on 5' corridor as the inspector took out a measuring tape and measured from the base to base, which was less than 5'. Had to take out the base!


different hotel brands have different standards which vary depending on the location and the desired grade of the hotel. these are often flexible with good justification and cover much more than just dimensions- they include criteria for elevators, mep systems, boh layouts,  and even the spatial relationships of important areas. in some locations they specify fire safety codes more stringent than local codes.

but for a school project none of that matters. do some research, find a couple hotels you like that have drawings published online or in a book, and base your design on that.

Apr 16, 19 11:18 pm

thanx bro

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