Notre Dame (Paris) engulfed in flames.


Supposedly started during renovation. Fire is pretty much is uncontained right now. 

Apr 15, 19 2:08 pm

c'est la vie

Apr 15, 19 2:25 pm

I don't envy the contractor... he'll never get work again.

Apr 15, 19 2:26 pm

Updates will be posted here: 

Fire breaks out at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Apr 15, 19 2:28 pm

Fucking sadness.

Apr 15, 19 2:31 pm
Non Sequitur

My thoughts and prayers go to the... oh wait, right.

Lots of feels overhere.

Apr 15, 19 3:21 pm

The spire has fallen.  The roof is all but gone.  My boss said another Parisian cathedral fire (arson targeting the church) was last week and this could be part of that.

Apr 15, 19 3:24 pm

Apparently it was due to the haphazard health and safety taken by the renovation team.


Hope they have a full set of as-builts.

Apr 15, 19 9:38 pm

There's probably stuff much MUCH more precise and accurate such as 3d laser scan, high resolution photos as well as plenty in the history as well as a lot of other documentations. There is probably as-built copies. They would have MORE than one copy including off site copies which any world heritage site would have just for preserving such important documents. I am relieved that the main structural system of the building is largely intact although the combustible roof system burned and collapsed, the main structure was stone masonry which did not burned and it is my assumption that helped control the spread because the floor is non-combustible but the roof, catwalk and spire was unfortunately combustible and allowed for a lateral spread above the fire-resistant stone-masonry based vaulted ceiling. This is why it is important to use NON-COMBUSTIBLE firewalls to contain areas. This was not something fully understood in 12th century. (800+ years ago) However, what they did do 800 years ago with stone masonry vaulted ceiling system below the roof framing and catwalk and spite helped control and contained the fire spread from consuming everything below as far as I can tell from photos seen. This does not mean there is not considerable damage. It is a said day for architecture, but I am certainly relieved that it didn't consume everything and the main building structure was thankfully non-combustible and didn't result in catastrophic collapse (at this time).


My heart goes out to everyone touched by this man made wonder and architectural masterpiece. To man on wire, “thank you ”. To all the street performers that embellished her entrance “thank you”. To Florence, the tour guide, “thank you”. Tears....

Apr 15, 19 10:54 pm

This is heartbreaking...CNN stated the roof was from the 13th century. That said- this is a great example of the fire resistance characteristics of Type 3 construction.

Apr 15, 19 11:34 pm

The spire was added by Violet le Duc...


Yep. I hope the cross and the rooster on top is still intact (hard to say). The spire fell and maybe resting on top of the vaulted ceiling.


Damn.  What a sad day for architecture.  

Apr 16, 19 2:52 am


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