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Hi everyone, 

I am interested in doing an internship in Denmark. I saw on Glassdoor that the average internship salary is around 6000 Danish Krone. Is this number accurate? 

Thanks a lot! 

Apr 13, 19 11:59 pm

Yes. 6000 dkk is the minimum monthly stipend required by danish law and most danish firms just pay minimum to interns. Also, interns pay taxes but may apply for tax return every April. 

Many danish companies provide free lunch on weekdays, making 600 dkk a bit more acceptable for you to live on.

Apr 14, 19 12:48 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

That’s about 1000 usd. That’s bloody joke.


Thanks for the info!


The system in Denmark is kind of special, as students normally receive the Student Stipend from the state (SU) while Danish students take on internships, as they are part of the education and gives you ECTS points comparable to a semester usually. Therefore, the companies don't actually have to pay anything and (unfortunately) that is often what they do to Danish Students. So 6000DKK will be the same as your Danish Intern Colleagues receive. In reality, they could choose not to pay anything at all, as there is no minium wage in Denmark for architects in private companies. If I were you, I would maybe try to negotiate a higher wage, if you have been offered the position. Danish Employers won't look down on this most of the time, as long as you can argue why you would need more (for instance: the cost of living is more than my income or I have so much experience that I can work on projects myself... Etc).

Apr 15, 19 11:11 am  · 

hello, first post on here. I was hired for a job in Denmark but was only offered 3000dkk and they said that's the max :/ 

Is it a law for them to give me the 6k? 

Also, is anyone familiar with the visa process? Looking online it says I need to be in school and my degree must be similar to my architecture internship. I am getting an online masters but it's not in architecture. It's more on the art/business side of things. I tried calling in for clarification but they were pretty nasty to me over the phone and told me to "read what it says and use my best judgement"

Apr 22, 19 12:44 pm  · 

Have you already get intern visa?? I would like to get it as same as you....


Nice to meet you, I am going to do an internship in Copenhagen from September this year.

The salary of the internship is only 3000dkk as same as Itsalude.

But I don't know this salary is allowed to get intern visa.

SIRI says, "If you receive a salary during your internship, your salary must be at least DKK 6,166 per month (2019 level). The salary must be stated in the standard contract. If your internship is without pay, you must provide documentation of your ability to support yourself during the full period of your internship."

If you would know whether I could get in this case or not, would you please tell me???

May 22, 20 5:47 am  · 

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