Please help this layman with labeling these Victorian building parts


Hi folks,  I'm trying to get some quotes, if you could help me with the proper names I'd really appreciate it. There is some kind of decorative trim as part of the windows on the upper 1/3, most of them need to be completely rebuilt. Then there is the "border trim?" between the first and second floor and the decorative piece at the corner. 

Again,the upper part of the windows, the semi-circles?

Head piece? fake column?

The building next door. The upper trim? The head piece (?) over the main window.

Here is another view of the windows in the first picture. 

Apr 13, 19 10:27 am

Two of the arrows point to corbels, one to a pilaster, and several to architraves. It would help if you numbered the arrows. 

Apr 13, 19 11:30 am

thank you, in the next day or two i will repost with numbered arrows. 

Apr 13, 19 5:57 pm
( o Y o )

travatarium, trapezium, ocularium, pillarium

Apr 13, 19 9:53 pm

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