MArch - Clemson A+H vs. PennDesign



I’m deciding between Clemson Arhitecture + Health (2 yr, great aid) and PennDesign (3 yr, not as great aid) and am having a tough time. I love the program at Clemson and am very interested in health and design, but am worried about being siloed this early in my career - I come from a 4 yr architecture program and 2 years of experience at a firm since graduation. PennDesign offers much more diversity in its curriculum as well as access to Wharton. My goal after graduation is more of a human centered design and innovation firm, similar to IDEO, or so I think. 

I would love to bring health and architecture into my education at PennDesign if possible - is there opportunity for personalized studios?

Does anyone have a sense of opportunities upon graduation not strictly in traditional architecture firms? 

Additionally, any insight into starting salaries from either of these schools? 

Mar 24, 19 9:38 pm

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