Cognitive System Design and Manipulation


I am writing my Extended Essay for the International Baccalaureate on something along the lines of how we are manipulated by buildings or how our behavioural traits are adapted as a result of the building we are in. I will focus on one of the buildings on my school campus and have a meeting with the school architect, however, I was wondering if anybody knows any paths that I should look at as I am not quite sure how to focus my response to a narrower topic. 

I would also appreciate any suggestions on buildings to study that are either very manipulative or any building that you consider to be poorly designed in regard to their ability to manipulate.

I have attached images of the building at school I am studying, the schools Library. 

Mar 23, 19 11:39 am
( o Y o )

Too easy. Do your own homework.

Mar 23, 19 12:22 pm
Non Sequitur

how are buildings manipulative? I don’t get the very basis of your thesis. 

Mar 23, 19 8:31 pm

As in, how are such buildings designed to control our behavioural traits and/or how we interact with the space. An example that I can think of is the spire in the church. Churches were designed in a way to direct the worshiper’s eye upwards towards the heavens and this was achieved through having the entrance room being dark and having low-ceilings to contrast the tall and light church hall, forcing people to feel awe and respectful.


exactly, that's the kind of route I was planning on taking.

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