What is the best architecture schools is California?

I want to go to architecture school in California but I want to know what is the best school
Mar 19, 19 9:02 pm
Non Sequitur

Cool story bro... but you'll definitively need better research skills if you want to survive university.

Mar 19, 19 9:12 pm
First off I know how to get on the computer and type and find things out I just thought this was a space of supportive pears I can get on the internet and see what the ranking is I just didn’t know if people have personal experience on here and could suggest a certain school to me and I already go to college and surviving so thanks
Mar 19, 19 11:06 pm
Non Sequitur

Nice but doubtful. Had you placed as much effort in your initial question as you did in this reply, perhaps you'd have attracted some real answers.


I lol'd

Fuck you and negativity
Mar 20, 19 11:48 am
I can tell you think you’re the shit but life will bend you over and fuck you at some point, I’ll be deleting this app now thanks for all this positive feedback and awesome environment !
Mar 20, 19 12:00 pm
Non Sequitur

Sounds good.

Well this post escalated...

Mar 20, 19 12:15 pm

everybody knows its sci-arch

Mar 20, 19 2:26 pm

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Mar 20, 19 2:50 pm

USC, obvs

everyone who's anyone is going there

Mar 20, 19 5:52 pm

Top 5 Undergraduate Programs (by Architectural Record)

1. Cornell

2. Rice

3. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

4. Syracuse

5. Cooper Union


9. Sci-Arc

Mar 20, 19 7:54 pm

That's really from DesignIntellignce. It's the current "go to" for ranking (the Gourman report is long dead), but their methods are questionable.


hey erik, that's just like your opinion man.

Thanks Marc.  How are their methods questionable?`

Mar 20, 19 10:27 pm

It's based on a public survey. The schools do quite a bit of outreach and pr to try and convince alumni to respond positively about their alma mater. The results have been skewed towards schools with larger alumni bases.


^ Yes. My inbox is repeatedly peppered with such requests from my school, and it gets annoying. (Of course, I'm easily annoyed.)

atelier nobody

The survey is national, so only schools with a lot of graduates in other states can make it to the top, while some very high quality regional schools are placed very low.

Sorry for the delayed reply.

In short a survey is sent out to selected firms and people w/o consideration of program size or the marketing machine behind the program (we all know examples of both). So you can have a mill of less than thoughtful students or a technically unskilled individuals coming out of a program that may not be reflected in the ranking.


There's really no "best" architecture schools in California, just different places with different focuses and assets for students. Probably best to if you outline what you type of work you are interested in and what you want/need in a campus experience. Practical or theoretical? 4 year, 5 year professional, or Masters (professional) degree? Does it matter if it part of a campus environment with other non-design degree programs? What kind of work do you want to do after graduation? Do you want to continue to live post-graduation in California, or somewhere else?

Mar 22, 19 9:10 am

University of Oregon.

Mar 22, 19 2:39 pm

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