AIA members, what do you do with your copies of Architect Magazine?


I Stack them on the outermost point of my L-shaped desk. convinced that I will find time to 'engage in critical thinking' while skimming the ads and reading the articles.

Mind you, I don't read them. I visualize myself reading them.

In 3 more years of membership, and about 2 gallons of epoxy, perhaps I will have enough copies so that I could build a table or credenza to store my copies of architect magazine. 

Mar 15, 19 2:32 pm

I usually skim the whole thing, get around to reading one or two articles, and then pass them on to a friend in a non-architecture-related profession who likes to read them more than I do.

Mar 15, 19 2:34 pm

Architect is a godawful magazine.   All USA architectural magazines are on the skids these days, but Architect is the weakest in terms of content.  I've seen about 90% of any month's issue online before the hard copy shows up in the mail.

Mar 15, 19 5:01 pm

you know there is an option in your membership settings somewhere not to receive a print copy. they email a link to a formatted digital version that's like viewing an isuu portfolio.

Mar 15, 19 10:50 pm

toilet paper 

Mar 16, 19 2:37 am

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