College selection for masters



I've received admits from Illinois institute of technology, Chicago and Arizona State University for a 2 year masters program in general architecture.

Can anyone help me make a choice in terms of internships, curriculum, recognition of degree, ranking, employability and any other factors?


Mar 15, 19 8:45 am
Non Sequitur

Choose the one with lowest tuition cost and make sure it's an accredited program.

Mar 15, 19 8:51 am

I really liked ASU's curriculum as it focuses on sustainable environments. Can't say much about employability factor.

 IIT gets you a good networking base being in Chicago. 

Mar 15, 19 11:13 am

I second Non Seq. 

Also, any promises of scholarship, financial support, or teaching posts - get them in writing.  "We'll be able to work something out when you get here." is a marketing line that will leave you deeply in debt.

Mar 15, 19 11:55 am

The expanding, growing Phoenix/Tempe area has it all over Chicago as an enjoyable, pleasant place to live. If you don't freeze to death in Chicago you may be run over by moving vans leaving the place. Then there is Chicago's crime rate to consider.

Mar 16, 19 9:09 am

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