Thoughts on Master of architecture?


I know you guys hate the academia stuff but I think it may be helpful to hear from professional advice rather than the professors that are simply pushing me to stay here. I just received my acceptances to all the masters I applied for. I only applied for 4 programs all of which I was accepted. UVA was my top choice. 2 of the other 3 were in my home state as one that i currently attend for undergrad. (ill leave these unnamed for now)

So I wish I could be excited but instead I feel immense pressure for my decision now. I received small amounts of (merit) tuition support from all schools except my own. My school is the cheapest of all regardless and in terms of 'status' is not very well-known. It isn't a bad school and I think they produce a lot employable people but I'm conflicted now that they didn't offer any financial support. There are a small fraction of applicants to my own schools master as compared to UVA so maybe Im just surprised. I am near the top of my class here. 

So now i am thinking about money and how I do not want to be in debt for ever, but also not wanting to stay because bc clearly they are not persuading me to stay by offering even the smallest amount of support with grants or assistantships. So should I pay more to go to the better school or pay less and stay?

Mar 14, 19 5:27 pm

Ordinarily I'd say go for the best financial deal.  But I think staying at the same university for a masters is almost never the best idea - even if they were offering a lot of financial aid.  You won't get as much out of staying at the same university as you will from a change of scene - you've gotten out of it already most of what there is to get.  If I were you I'd find a way to attend one of the other programs - perhaps find out if you can defer starting for a year at the other programs to which you were admitted, and work for a year to save money toward tuition.  

Mar 14, 19 5:35 pm

What are you looking for in grad school? Is it because a) you will not be getting an accredited BArch, or b) you want to go into academia?

Mar 14, 19 5:40 pm

I am only graduating with a bachelor of arts. They are phasing out the 5th year professional next year, so i am just going for my masters mostly for the professional degree. I want to get licensed and work and while im not opposed to being present in the academia community in the future as a guest, i do not see this as being the goal.


I don't know if it's still an option, but if they still have the 5th year program for one more year and you can put in that one year, DO THAT.


Are you looking to be employable in your home state or looking to move? I went to UVA grad and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I now owe a ridiculous amount in student loans, but I have a job I love. UVA’s alumni network helped me find/get a job I would have been hard pressed to get otherwise. I had profs that I still look up to and have acted as mentors to me throughout my career  

I think it really just depends on what you’re looking for. More of the same but at a good price or taking a chance on a new experience. 

Mar 14, 19 8:51 pm

The bachelors was my original plan. The difference is now that it is phasing out in the next several years from a lot of universities , you will have to get a masters to get licensed. I have spoken with several architects in my internship and they all recommend going ahead and doing that. my own uni lets me drop a lot of the required classes I would have to otherwise take for being advanced placement in the program, so it actually ends of being less than two years. I still am nervous about the thought of getting both undergrad and grad from the same school though. 

Mar 19, 19 11:35 am

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